Manatee Community Action Agency, Inc.


A language and speech screening, evaluation and therapy program for preschool aged children
The CATCH program provides language and speech screening, evaluation and therapy for preschool age children referred by child care providers and parents. Children in a child care center, pre-school, VPK program can receive screening on site. Children in the home need to be screened at the MCAA office. Parents are welcome in either situation.

Beginning with children ages 30 months and older the CATCH program screens for the following:
  • Language
  • Articulation
  • Connected Speech
  • Social/Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Stuttering
  • Voice Disorders

Parents and child care providers receive a results report which identifies strengths, where extra attention may be needed as well as possible concerns. Materials include Educational Handouts on Developing Preschool Language Skills, Early Speech Sounds and Language based on age of the child, and FAQs in an individualized packet. These packets address targeted areas such as articulation, social &interpersonal skills, fluency, have at home activities and an area provider list. If further evaluation is recommended, appropriate authorization including a parent questionnaire will be asked for at that time needed referral to facilitate obtaining additional services.

Each child care center that offers classroom screenings receives the entire Educational Packet for teacher/classroom use along with additional tools and follow-up consultation according to particular needs.

The post-screening evaluation process can involve:
  • Referral to private provider
  • Referral to community providers such as: Child Find or Early Steps
  • Referral to contracted provider for complete Speech/Language evaluation
  • Development of therapy plan with involvement from parents, clinicians and child care providers
  • Updates from CATCH program and clinicians to parents and child care providers

Contact Information

Jerry Schole
Phone: 941.827.0188 x7722
Fax: 941.827.0193

Applications and Forms

Language & Speech Screening
Language & Speech Application
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