Manatee Community Action Agency, Inc.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP services are provided to assist families, particularly those with the lowest incomes that pay a high proportion of their household income for home energy, meet their immediate home energy needs.

Please note the new application schedules as of Feb 12, 2014:

Manatee County on-line applications are now being taken 24/7.

Due to funding restrictions Hardee County LIHEAP on-line applications are temporarily suspended.




Complete Documentation Required
Print the LIHEAP appointment required documentation checklist.

Print the employment verification document.

Hardee County Residents ONLY:
PAPER APPLICATIONS ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED!!! You must file online and you MUST select Hardee County as your county! Applications submitted with the wrong county will not be accepted and you will need to file again.
LIHEAP application appointments will all be scheduled to take place at the Hardee Help Center at...
713 East Bay Street, Wauchula, FL 33873
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Applications and Forms
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Manatee County Online Application

Note: Applications submitted for the incorrect county will be rejected and must be resubmitted!