Empowering people toward self-sufficiency through education, support services and community partnerships.

Educate. Advance. Empower.

Welcome to An Intergenerational Cycle of Opportunity

Manatee Community Action Agency is the leader in identifying needs and bringing together resources and services for individuals, children, and families in our five-county area. By empowering people toward self-sufficiency through education, support service, and community partnerships, our vision of providing a pathway to employment and intergenerational economic security can be realized.

Empowering people involves the right mixture of commitment, fortitude, education, services, resources and relationships. Change is difficult, but MCAA is here to provide support, guidance and strategies to move families out of the pattern of poverty. Individuals working towards change find the process to be full of stops and starts, with small successes and goals realized over time. MCAA staff connects individuals and families through programs that guide change and encourage movement toward personal, lifelong self-reliance.

Serving The Suncoast And Beyond

With a whole-family approach to making a difference, MCAA provides a wide variety of services and programs over a five-county area: Charlotte, DeSoto, Hardee, Manatee, and Sarasota.

Exact demographic and statistical data varies by program and service.